RAIN LTE-A (The only alternative to Fibre)

LTE-A (25GB)

25GB of data.
Sim Card Included
R250 Courier Charge


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LTE-A (55GB)

55GB of data.
Sim Card Included
R250 Courier Charge


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LTE-A (85GB)

85GB of data.
Sim Card Included
R250 Courier Charge


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LTE-A (120GB)

120GB of data.
Sim Card Included
R250 Courier Charge


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LTE-A (220GB)

220GB of data.
Sim Card Included
R250 Courier Charge


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LTE-A (330GB)

330GB of data.
Sim Card Included
R250 Courier Charge


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* Topup: R10/GB

Check for coverage below and then choose your package above.

Rain LTE-A

RAIN LTE-A (The only Alternative to Fibre)

What is LTE Advanced?

These days, 4G LTE is without a doubt the de facto standard for most carriers across the globe when it comes to mobile broadband speeds, with 3G and other older technologies mostly considered as second tier speeds that are only offered in more remote areas. But what's next? The obvious answer is 5G, and in fact we're already seeing the tech march closer and closer to reality. In the meantime, there's another tech that's starting to become more popular across the globe - 4G LTE-A.

No Fibre Yet?

Is fibre not available in your area?, or you cannot wait for a fibre connection and need a decent speed to work with on the internet. Check on the map below to see if there is LTA-A coverage in your area.
  • Blazing fast Internet speeds, anything from 10 - 50 Mbps.
  • No contracts, no commitments.
  • No more waiting around, delivered within 3 - 5 business days.
  • Courier Fee - R250.00

  • MYBROADBAND article on RAIN

    Rain on track to launch data-only mobile products this year

    Rain is on track to launch its first mobile products before the end of 2017, which promise to disrupt the market in South Africa.

    Rain director Michael Jordaan told MyBroadband in July the company plans to launch a data-centric mobile service when they have 2,000 LTE-A towers active in South Africa.

    The operator currently has 1,300 active LTE-A towers, and its network is growing rapidly – with new sites going live each week.

    Rain has already launched competitive fixed-wireless products through partner ISPs, and many people are keen to see what Rain will offer to disrupt the mobile market.

    Mobile data products

    The company said the data-only mobile products it plans to launch will be simple and offer affordable pricing. They will also challenge traditional market practices such as data expiry.

    Rain is playing its cards close to its chest, but it is possible it will launch service-based products as part of its mobile data strategy.

    This could take the form of social media, messaging, web surfing, video streaming, or voice service packages, rather than just a data bundle.

    Telkom and Cell C are already bundling unlimited services, like messaging and video streaming, with certain mobile products – but data bundles still form the basis of these products.

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    Q & A

    Some of the questions asked to date

    Netflix requires a minimum of 2Mbps. With RAIN you get more than sufficient, plus you can view in HD using RAIN.
    Yes the router is wi-fi enabled. Huawei B618 LTE Cat11 - Wireless Gateway. Price: R2250
    Yes, Routers that can be used:
    Huawei B315
    Huawei B618
    Huawei B2338 – External CPE
    ZTE MF253
    ZTE MF283+
    ZTE MF286
    The SIM only product allows existing LTE Router Customers to migrate to RAIN LTE-A, at no additional cost, other than the once off admin & courier fee which is R250, inclusive of VAT.
    Check with your current service provider how much data you have been using.
    Yes. Topup: R10/GB