Fibre-To-The-Home Launch

We are pleased to announce the roll-out of our new Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) service.FTTH offers Internet connection speeds which equal and even surpass those available for ADSL through the use of fibre optic cabling instead of copper. With a fibre connection, your download and upload speeds are significantly faster which means a smoother online ... Read More »

15th Jun 2016
PHP Upgrade on All Servers

To all customers:We will be updating the version of PHP on all of our servers to version 5.6 at the end of the month (June 2016).This is due to PHP version 5.5 reaching it's end-of-life. This means that version 5.5 will no longer be receiving updates or bugfixes. As this also includes security fixes, it is highly recommended that any PHP-based ... Read More »

8th Jun 2016
Cant get fibre in your neighborhood yet? - Need the speed but cannot wait? - Click here to get more information on RAIN LTE-A the only alternative to fibre.