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home uncapped data

These data packages are for ADSL, VDSL and Fibre usage

Why choose capped before uncapped? - The trend is to choose uncapped on the basis of "I can use as much data as I need". However many users seldom get to use more than a 100 Gigs, for example at a price of R129/m, as opposed to uncapped data which becomes increasingly more expensive as your line speed increases. The beauty of capped data is that it will perform at the same speed as your line, regardless of which line you have, without any changes to the price. In layman's terms: "There are no restrictions on capped data" other than the size of the package you have chosen.

Home uncapped services is recommended for Mailing - Browsing - Social media - Streaming

Home uncapped services is not suited for NNTP - Peer-to-peer - Torrents (and similar but not limited to)

  • Click on the button below to view the prices and to place your order.
  • There is no prorata invoice for uncapped accounts. The full amount will be charged from any day of the month when the service is activated.
  • Payments by Credit Card, EFT, Instant EFT, Stop Order, Direct Deposit or Debit Order.
  • A full calendar month is needed for the cancellation of this service.
  • Cant get fibre in your neighborhood yet? - Need the speed but cannot wait? - Click here to get more information on RAIN LTE-A the only alternative to fibre.