Travelling, no problem! Once your email is setup with us you do not have to make any changes to your email settings while travelling.

Don't need a website! Only Email! Sign-up for Email Only solution. Set up your email accounts in your Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail for Mac, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad or even make use of our Webmail to access your mail remotely from any computer.

E-mail Only Hosting Plans E-Mail Recruit E-Mail Rookie E-Mail Veteran E-Mail Pioneer E-Mail Ace
Storage Space 400MB 1GB 3GB 6GB 10GB
Monthly Traffic 400MB 2GB 3GB 15GB 30GB
Email Accounts  POP   IMAP 5 30 75 350 750
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Price CA






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Payment can be made by Credit Card; EFT; Instant EFT; Stop Order; Snapscan; Payfast; Paypal; Direct Deposit or Debit Order.

There are no contracts; cancellations are immediate (No fuss!).

Instantly upgrade or downgrade at any point if your needs change.

Save 20% on all annual payments made for hosting packages.

Benefits of Outgoing SMTP setting:

→ We have our own ougoing SMTP server!
  • This means that once you have set up your email with us, you will not have to change any settings while travelling abroad.

How to avoid losing your emails when your computer crashes or is stolen:

→ If you have set up your email as a POP account!
  • This generally means means that you will access your emails from one machine only and not multiple machines. However you can set your mailer program to leave all mails on the server for x amount of days. You can google the email software you are using, on how to set this up. In the event of your computer being stolen or crashing the mails will still be recoverable as they will be left on the server for the amount of days you have set it to. (Please remember this will only give you access to the emails on the server, all other emails that were in your sent folder will not be recoverable.) As a fail safe, backup your emails to an external drive regularly.

→ If you have set up your email as an IMAP account!
  • This will allow you to access your emails from as many devices that you set up your email software on. The mails are left on the server till you actually delete them. If your computer is stolen or crashes the emails will remain on the server and will be accessible as soon as you have setup your software again. The thing to take note of here is that you will constantly be using more disc space as your emails pile up. This means that you will have to increase the disc space of your email package.