Hosted Exchange Emails

hosted exchange

Hosted Exchange

Your Email Address, Calender, Contacts and Tasks In Perfect Sync...
PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablet. Exchange Everything Everywhere...

Share documents, calendars, contacts & tasks

Reach new heights of productivity wherever you are.

Hosted exchange supports both Shared Calendar & Shared Contact List...
And it uses Active Exchange which is much like IMAP, but much faster and a less resource consuming way of syncing your emails..
So for example a 50GB Hosted Exchange mailbox will update & sync much faster and better than a 4GB IMAP mailbox...

hosted exchange

Increase productivity

We are engineers, developers cloud architects and innovators helping businesses large and small develop cost effective data recovery strategies.
hosted exchange

Keep your business safe

Enterprise email security included (just as it should be). All inbound and outbound email is scanned for mail born threats.
hosted exchange

Do more, on any device

Outlook, Mobile, Tablets all in sync all the time...automatically. Business communication realized as only Hosted Exchange can provide.

✓ Full Exchange not just OWA
✓ Geo Redundant Databases
✓ Barracuda Security Included
✓ SSL Encryption
✓ Free Active Sync
✓ Blazing 10Gb Network
✓ SSAE 16 TYPE II Data Center

Everything you need to stay connected.

A true performance cloud built for business.

blazing network

Blazing 10Gb Network

Solution Union's network is second to none with a brand new 10GB backbone. We are speed.

Barracuda Cluster

All inbound and outbound email traffic protected from email-borne threats and data leaks.
microsoft hosted exchange

Free Active Sync

Exchange syncs across multiple devices giving you what you want wherever you are.



Host your Medical, Legal & Fortune 500 data on our certified network.


What does it mean? Exchange is there when you need it.
Geo Redundant

Geo Redundant Databases

We give the highest level of storage durability by replicating your data across mutiple locations.