Top tips for using free Wi-Fi without getting hacked

South Africans who want to browse the web or access online services for work or entertainment while using a public Wi-Fi network are cautioned to take extra care to protect themselves from malicious hackers. As public Wi-Fi is often offered for free or at a low cost, it provides a great way to use the Internet while out and about, without running ... Leia mais... »

30th Dez 2020
ISPA Press release: Working from home security tips

PRESS RELEASE BY ISPA   23 October 2020   WORKING FROM HOME IS NOT ALL COFFEE & PYJAMAS   A recent survey by human resources consultants 21st Century reveals that most corporate employees are still using remote working tools to help beat COVID-19.   South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA), however, ... Leia mais... »

27th Out 2020
Capitec warns of new scam targeting customers

Capitec has warned its customers of a new scam which is specifically targeting a number of its older banking clients. “We are aware of a new tactic used by fraudsters to target South African banking clients, particularly the elderly,” the bank said. “Fraudsters will call you claiming to be from your bank’s fraud department, warning that ... Leia mais... »

12th Out 2020

PRESS RELEASE BY ISPA 13 August 2020   DON’T BE TAKEN FOR A RIDE IN THE QUEST TO SURF AT HOME - ISPA   The Internet Service Providers’ Association of SA (ISPA) cautions prospective home Internet users to be circumspect when evaluating advertising claims.   ISPA is concerned that some providers of home connectivity solutions may be ... Leia mais... »

13th Ago 2020
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