My User Name or Password is Incorrect

My User Name or Password is Incorrect

If your e-mail software prompts you for your password, then it means that the mail server is not allowing you to log in to your account. This article will list the common causes and what you can do to correct them.

1. The user name for your e-mail account may be incorrect:
  • Some e-mail programs automatically assume that your user name is only the first portion of your e-mail address.
  • The user name for any e-mail account should be the full e-mail address (e.g.:

2. The password may be incorrect:

  • If you have the correct user name, then an incorrect password is the most likely culprit.
  • Should you be unsure what the password for your e-mail account is, then you will need to reset it.

3. Your hosting account may be suspended:

  • If your hosting fees have not been paid timeously or your domain has been flagged for sending spam, then your hosting account will be suspended.
  • This can be checked by visiting your website address (e.g.: If suspended, a message will be shown indicating this.
  • Please contact either our accounts or support department for more information in this regard.

4. You may have been locked out of your account temporarily:

  • If the server detects too many failed login attempts for an e-mail address, then the account will be locked for a short while.
  • Should the failed login attempts continue, the server will place a block on your public IP address. If you have a shared internet connection (e.g.: ADSL), then anyone else whose mail is linked to your domain will also be prompted for their login details.
  • If you suspect that this is the case, please contact our support team to have the block removed.
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