RoundCube - Composing a New Message


The following steps will assist you in composing a new message using RoundCube:

1. Log in to RoundCube.

2. Click on the green Compose button, located at the top left-hand side of the page.

3. Enter the e-mail address of the person that you wish to send a message to in the To: field.

4. Add an appropriate Subject.

5. If your message should contain rich text (e.g.: bold, italics), locate the Editor Type drop-down field (beneath the subject line) and select HTML.

6. Type your message in the large blank space.

7. To add an attachment, click on the Attach a file button.

8. Browse to and highlight the file that you wish to attach to your e-mail. Click on Open to queue the file for upload.

9. To add an additional file, click on the + sign in the Attach a file window. When you are ready, click on Upload.

10. Once the files have been uploaded, they will be listed beneath the Attach a file button.

Click on Send.

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