I Cant Open the Webmail Login Page

I Can't Open the Webmail Login Page

I have entered my domain name on the Webmail page, but when I click on the OK button, my browser states that the page cannot be found:

The webmail facility uses a specific type of connection in order to ensure that your webmail session is encrypted. If you connect to the Internet via a managed network, you may find that the network configuration is preventing you from opening the login page. This occurs when a network is configured to block certain ports (usually for security reasons).

The webmail facility operates through port 2096. While this port is blocked, then you will not be able to log in to webmail.

You can check this by edit the address which you browser states it cannot connect to:

1. When you enter your domain name, you will be re-directed to the server on which your e-mail account is hosted (e.g.: https://example.sadomain.com:2096).

2. To test this, remove the colon and port number from this address and press enter (e.g.: open https://example.sadomain.com). If your website is also hosted by SA Domain, then try to open it in your browser.

3. If you are taken to a blue and white web page (or you are able to view your own website), then it means that port 2096 has been blocked.

You will need to contact your network administrator and ask that the port be opened on your network.

Note: If you are unable to access the address of the server, please contact support for assistance.

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