iPhone Series - Troubleshooting Specific Error Messages

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The following issues are common errors experienced when using Apple's iPhone series and may be rectified using the steps provided below:

Alert: "Cannot get mail"

    This issue is often caused by an incorrect password. Be sure you have entered the correct
    user name and password.

Alert: "Unable to Move Message"

  • Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar, then choose the affected e-mail account.
  • Tap Account.
  • Tap Advanced.
  • Tap Deleted Mailbox and ensure it is set to Trash.
  • After you have made your changes, tap Advanced > Account, then tap Done.

Alert: "MFMessageErrorDomain error 1032"

To resolve this issue, remove your e-mail account and then add it again.

  • To do so, tap   Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
  • Choose the affected e-mail account.
  • Tap Delete Account.
  • Add your account again.

Please note: The information above is provided as is courtesy of Apple Inc. SA Domain Internet Services cannot be held liable for any problems that may arise during or after the use of this help guide. Should the steps above not resolve your problem, please contact your cellular network provider or your nearest iStore.

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