Horde - Enabling the Trash Folder


By default, Horde does not move deleted messages to the Trash folder. Instead, the message is marked with strikethrough text indicating that you have deleted it. To permanently delete a message, it is necessary to purge all messages which have been marked as "deleted".

However, you can adjust your Trash settings so that deleted messages are moved into the Trash folder.

1. Log in to Horde.

2. Highlight on the gear icon at the top of the page, located to the right-hand side of Notes.

3. Select Preferences, followed by Mail. This will open the Preferences for Mail page.

4. Under the Message column, select Deleting and Moving Messages.

5. Place a tick in the box labelled Move deleted messages to your Trash mailbox instead of marking them as deleted in the current mailbox?.

6. Click on the Save button.

Note: Any messages which are moved to the Trash folder are still stored on the server. To permanently delete these messages, click on the Trash folder; select all of the messages and then click on the Delete button.
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