Adding an E-Mail Account

adding an e-mail account

Before you can set an e-mail account up in your favourite e-mail application, it must be added to your hosting account first.
E-mail addresses are created via the Client Area as well as cPanel.

Creating an e-mail account in the Client Area:

  • Log in to the Client Area.
  • Click on the Services button.
  • Locate the domain that you want to add the e-mail account to and click on the green Active button. This will open the Manage Product page.
  • Scroll down to the Manage Account section.
  • Click on the Email Accounts button.
  • Click on Create Email Account.
  • Once you have specified the e-mail account and password, set the desired quota and click Create.

Creating an e-mail account using cPanel

  • Log in to your cPanel account.
  • From the Email section, select Email Accounts.
  • Click on the Add Email Account tab.
  • Once you have specified the e-mail account and password, set the desired quota and click on the Create Account button.

A strong password is of the utmost importance. For help on choosing a good password, please have a read through Guidelines for Passwords.

Note: Passwords cannot be viewed in the Client Area or cPanel. Please memorise or store your password in a safe place once you have created the new e-mail address. If you forget your password, then you will need to generate a new one.

When the account has been added, you can proceed with setting it up on your computer or mobile device.

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