Guidelines for Passwords

Guidelines for Passwords

We recommend that you read the following guidelines for creating a password as these will minimise the chances of anyone looking to access your mail:

1. Do not use the word password or any sort of variant, such as password123.

2. Do not use the first part of your e-mail address or a variant thereof when setting an e-mail password. For example: if your e-mail address is, do not use johnny or johnny123.

3. Try not to use something that a friend or acquaintance may be able to guess. The use of ID or telephone numbers, as well as birthdays should be avoided.

4. Use a mixture of lower- and uppercase characters, as well as digits and or special characters. For example: Instead of using mistermittens, use Mi$73RMi773n$.

5. If possible, try to use a password of up to 20 characters (if not more).

6. When setting a password the server requires that your password strength is at least 70 out of 100 otherwise it will not be accepted. The password strength indicator will confirm whether your password meets the minimum requirements.
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