SA Domain - Dropsuite Website Backup - 3 months free trial

Safeguard Your Data Before It's Too Late
- Over 30,000 websites get hacked ever day
- Cyberattacks like ransomware are on the rise
- Accidental file and folder deletion is common
- Data breaches and thefts are everywhere
- Small business websites are attacked 44x a day

Backup Your Website With Dropsuite
Let's face it, threats to company data have never been higher. Businesses need peace of mind knowing that their website content and databases are safe. Now you never have to risk losing data again with Automated Website Backup.

Backup Features
The most advanced backup for websites and databases available on the market can now protect your site.
- Schedule your automated backups
- One-click restore: Bring any website back to life
- Military grade encryption and security
- Monitor the uptime of your website
- Website blacklist monitoring

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How to get your 3 free month trial
- The free trial is available on "Website Backup 5GB" or "Website Backup 10GB" packages.

Signing up for a new hosting service. When you get to the Configure page in your cart scroll down to the "Available Addons" and check on the "Website Backup 5GB" or "Website Backup 10GB" then click on the "Continue" button. The 3 months free trial will be automatically applied.

Exising Client. Log in to your client area and click on the "Services" drop down link and then click on "my Services". Scroll down to the "Actions" block on the right hand side and click on "View Avalable Addons" and select "Website Backup 5GB" or "Website Backup 10GB" on the Product Addons page. You can select the hosting plan to apply it to from the dropdown box.