Client Name Lynette Brink
Date May 26, 2016
Overall Testimonial Good day, I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I'm very happy with SA Domain and all their role players so far. Registering a domain, payments, upgrades, web development and feedback have been smooth, easy and quick. Also Marcel Swart, has been giving excellent service and support regarding the design and development of my website. Thank you for a great service, I'll be recommending to others! Kind regards, Lynette Brink
Overall Rating
Client Name Craig Cyster
Date May 24, 2016
Overall Testimonial Submitted a ticket asking for help with a redirect and it was sorted out within a few hours
Overall Rating
Client Name Ryan Holtzhausen
Date May 18, 2016
Overall Testimonial I submitted a support ticket before 8am one morning regarding my mail being listed as spam. The response time was very impressive and sorted out so quickly. I just want to say thank you for the awesome service received and for the speed at which it was done! Great job!
Overall Rating
Client Name
Date May 08, 2016
Overall Testimonial Good afternoon. Thank you for an excellent service and attending to my query so quickly. Well done and keep up the good work. Regards Andre
Overall Rating
Client Name Robert De Rooy
Date Apr 26, 2016
Overall Testimonial I had a setting problem with my Mail account over the weekend. Called and got through to Andy, who patiently and professionally helped me through several attempts to solve the problem. It was really excellent service. 100% Thank you very much!
Overall Rating
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