Client Name Shaun Fitzhenry
Date Apr 03, 2017
Overall Testimonial Chris respoonded to my problem quickly; his instructions were easy to follow and worked immediately.
Overall Rating
Client Name Colin Sutcliffe
Date Mar 28, 2017
Overall Testimonial I have known Chris Horn for many years and his support and advice has always been five star excellent. As a website building tool, I like Kopage very much indeed and would like to make much more use of it as the results are very professional.
Overall Rating
Client Name David Swanepoel
Date Mar 23, 2017
Overall Testimonial Chris Horn responded to my request immediately. I am really blown away with the detailed and informative response. Absolute Professionalism. Thank you.
Overall Rating
Client Name Zanele Nkosi
Date Mar 15, 2017
Overall Testimonial Brilliant service and amazing response time! Thank you.
Overall Rating
Client Name Ivan Madisson
Date Mar 07, 2017
Overall Testimonial At the risk of being repetitive, your service is BETTER than AWESOME!!!
Overall Rating
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