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Fibre Provider 10/5mbps 20/10mbps 40/20mbps 100/50mbps 200/100mbps
Openserve Uncapped R479/m R839/m R1019/m R1199/m R1679/m
Openserve Uncapped Premium R743/m R983/m R1163/m R1343/m R1847/m
WHAT IS MY FUP THRESHOLD? Your Openserve threshold (based on 30 day rolling window)
Good to Know: If you are on one of our packages which carries a FUP, your usage between midnight and 06:00 am every day does not affect your rolling FUP threshold. So, if you are planning downloads make sure you schedule them for these times, and they won't have an impact on your FUP status.
Uncapped Package Speed Uncapped Uncapped Premium
10Mbps 100 GB Unlimited
20Mbps 200GB Unlimited
40Mbps 250GB Unlimited
100Mbps 300GB Unlimited
200Mbps 500GB Unlimited