Communal Fibre Distribution System

If you are a Property Developer, Body Corporate or DStv Subscriber - Read on!


Welcome to an exciting innovation from DStv. - It's called the Communal Distribution Fibre System (CFDS) but we'll call it "communal distribution" here to make things simpler.

Communal distribution means an end to unsightly clusters of satellite dishes and tangles of cables. It means a better viewing experience for DStv subscribers and a better view of the outside of each property.

Using existing broadband fibre networks, communal distribution allows just one satellite dish to provide full DStv service to up to 256 homes or units in a single complex, estate or apartment block - thanks to sophisticated signal conversion and splitting technology. DStv customers will experience reduced signal degradation as the loss of signal in optical fibre is far less than in copper wire.

Communal distribution over fibre has almost unlimited bandwidth, is suitable for long cable runs and is fully approved by MultiChoice.

This page describes the advantages of communal distribution for property developers, Body Corporates and DStv customers.

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Benefits for Property Developers - Incorporating DStv communal distribution into each new-build estate or complex adds value while saving you time and money.


It's cheaper and more convenient - MultiChoice will subsidise the once-off installation costs of communal distribution infrastructure in new-build estates, complexes and apartment blocks to let you offer an attractive, cost-effective value-add for future property owners, that already have a fibre distribution system in place. Installing communal distribution during the construction phase means no inconvenience to home-owners after they move in, and allows for seamless integration with all other network infrastructure.

MultiChoice will recommend a local Accredited and Approved Systems Integrator to monitor and maintain the communal distribution system.

The properties you build will be even more attractive - The single communal distribution dish can be situated in the most discreet location, and each finished property will be ready to receive DStv through communal distribution over fibre.

Building more aesthetically pleasing homes, equipped with the latest digital television technology, will boost property values and help attract young, successful homebuyers.


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Benefits for Body Corporates - As a homeowners' association or body corporate, DStv communal distribution brings you important benefits.


You'll save money - MultiChoice has set aside budget to upgrade existing single cable systems to a preferred DStv communal distribution system (over fibre), which means a major saving for each homeowner.

There'll be fewer cables, and only one dish - By piggy-backing on your estate or complex's existing broadband fibre network, you'll have far fewer cables. Plus, the properties you manage will be much more aesthetically pleasing without individual satellite dishes.

One point of call does it all - MultiChoice will recommend a single DStv Approved and Accredited Systems Integrator to install and maintain the DStv communal distribution satellite dish and LNB. In the unlikely event of any network issues, one call will fix it all.

Having a single appointed Systems Integrator means you can avoid the security and quality issues that come with having multiple contractors wanting to access your complex or estate.

Maintenance made easy - DStv communal distribution uses a central server room, so control and maintenance of the DStv service is easier than ever.


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Benefits for DStv Customers - If you're a DStv customer and you live in a complex, apartment block or estate that has access to a broadband fibre internet network, then you can benefit from being upgraded to a DStv communal distribution system. This means that your estate or apartment block now only needs one communal satellite dish and LNB, rather than a dish for every property. Your DStv signal will travel at the speed of light through the fibre network, to a dedicated point in your home.

There are loads of advantages to communal distribution:

- No need for a satellite dish at each home.
- There'll also be fewer cables, so your home will look better than ever.
- Fibre-optic cables are around 30x thinner than coaxial cables, so they take up less ducting space.
- Communal distribution over fibre is compatible with all existing DStv Explora and HD decoders.
- You'll only need two additional small wall-mounted boxes in your home - that's it.
- Your decoder settings will be automatically updated.
- It's the most reliable and efficient way to enjoy all your favourite content.
- You'll have a single point of contact in the event of any problems.

Plus, if you connect your DStv Explorer to the internet, you can take advantage of all the options that a Connected Explorer offers:

DStv Catch Up Plus - Even more of the latest, freshest content for you and your family to enjoy

Remote Recordings - Forgot to record your favourite show before you left home? No worries - instruct your Explora from your smartphone with the DStv Now app or from any internet-connected device via our online TV guide.

ShowMax [requires additional subscription for customers not on a premium subscription] - Binge-watch entire seasons of your favourite shows with ShowMax on your DStv Explora. You'll find more than 20 000 episodes of the latest international and local series and movies for you to download or stream on your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Visit to sign up.



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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll spare you all the jargon, but basically communal distribution uses a single satellite dish with a special LNB to receive the DStv signal and convert it to an optical signal that can travel at lightning-fast speeds through fibre cables to your home, where it's converted back to an electrical or RF signal that your DStv Explora or HD decoder can read.

It's much more reliable and efficient. Fibre-optic cables are weather-proof and won't get stolen. Compared to outdated copper or coaxial cables, fibre can carry a signal further and faster. Plus, think how much better your home will look without that dish stuck on the outside!

No, a communal distribution fibre system can only be installed by a DStv Accredited and Approved Systems Integrator, who will be chosen by your homeowners' association, body corporate or landlord. We'll provide them with details of Systems Integrators in your area.

Then you're missing out! We'd recommend talking to your landlord or body corporate about FTTH, so you can take advantage of communal distribution.

No - the good news is that communal distribution is fully compatible with your DStv Explora, HD decoder and PVR Decoder. If you don't already have a DStv Explora, now that you have fibre you might want to upgrade your decoder to take advantage of all the awesome content that's available when you connect your DStv Explora to the internet. You'll also be able to add XtraView and BoxOffice, just as you can now.

Of course not! Thanks to our sophisticated splitting technology, everyone in your complex will be able to watch, record, playback or stream whatever they want, when they want (subject to their chosen DStv package and decoder).

None at all! Communal distribution data doesn't eat into your fibre data, although you will use data if you connect your DStv Explora to the internet.

Yes, your DStv subscription is separate from this product and remains a contractual relationship between you and MultiChoice. The price of your DStv subscription won't increase, unless you upgrade to an even better DStv package.

Unfortunately not - you'll still need a subscription with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for broadband internet services, including the advantages of a Connected Explora decoder.

MultiChoice will be subsidising the cost of upgrading your complex or housing block's existing systems to a preferred DStv communal distribution system (over fibre), which will mean a major cost-saving to each customer. Your homeowners' association, body corporate, landlord or Systems Integrator will be able to let you know the costs.

Communal distribution actually means fewer cables! Instead of a satellite dish per property or unit, there'll just be one satellite dish in a central location. Rather than new cables, communal distribution will use the existing FTTH cables - so no digging.

Communal distribution means just two small boxes being installed in your house: a Fibre Termination Unit and a DStv Switch that connects to your existing decoder. That's it!

When your complex or housing block converts to communal distribution, you'll need to upgrade to the new system along with all your neighbours. But trust us, when you experience the better signal and enhanced viewing experience that comes with communal distribution, you'll be glad that you did!

With a Connected Explora, you can enjoy a whole world of additional content from ShowMax (requires an additional subscription for customers not on a premium subscription), plus brilliant new features like DStv Catch Up Plus and Remote Recordings, so you can watch what you want, any time that you want, with more choice than ever before!

It's easy - just purchase a once-off installation voucher from your assigned Systems Integrator, who will arrange to come and install a "last mile" fibre drop to your home. They'll also install your Fibre Termination Unit and DStv Switch and connect these to your DStv decoder, giving you access to a world of great content.

That's really all there is to it.

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