hosted exchange

Share contacts, calendars, public folders, archive folders, meeting planners and task lists.

Reach new heights of productivity wherever you are.

Hosted exchange supports both Shared Calendar & Shared Contact List...
And it uses Active Exchange which is much like IMAP, but much faster and a less resource consuming way of syncing your emails..
So for example a 50GB Hosted Exchange mailbox will update & sync much faster and better than a 4GB IMAP mailbox...

Increase productivity

One of the objectives in using an Exchange Server is to make businesses efficient and more productive. With different features, such as scheduling, contact management, sharing of calendar between the staff members helps the colleagues to stay informed and create an aligned path, resulting in increased productivity.

@SSP Keep your business safe

ASSP is a SMTP proxy which sits between SMTP server and the MTA. It filers the spam and delivers the legtimate mails to the MTA. Its feature include Bayesian analysis, Sender Policy Framework validation and blocking, Realtime Blackhole Listing, URL Black Listing, Multi-level attachment blocking, LDAP support, Backscatter Detection, SNMP support and lot more.

Do more, on any device

When you use a Microsoft Exchange account in Outlook, your e-mail messages, contacts, calendar events, and any other Microsoft Exchange folders are synchronized automatically. Your information is always up to date in Outlook and on the server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server.

✓ Full Exchange not just OWA
✓ Redundant Databases
✓ @SSP Spam SMTP Proxy
✓ SSL Encryption
✓ Free Active Sync
✓ Blazing 10Gb Network

1GB Mailbox - R9/month

10GB Mailbox - R26/month

25GB Mailbox - R44/month

50GB Mailbox - R87/month

100GB Mailbox - R130/month

150GB Mailbox - R172/month

250GB Mailbox - R285/month

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