What is VOIP

Why change over to VOIP from your existing telephone or PABX

There is a massive saving on call costs for calls to cellular and land lines. Another substantial saving is the cancellation of your telephone lines as your number/s are ported over to your fibre connection. There is the failover option that will keep your internet connection active 99.99% of the time.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a service that allows you to make and receive voice calls via your internet connection.
Yes calls can be made over ADSL or Fibre, however fibre is recomended or LTE-A.
Should your existing connection (fibre or ADSL) for your VOIP calls fail, the fail over service is an added LTE-A (Sim Card) connection, which can be added to your existing connection. This automatically kicks in when your current connection to the internet fails, thus giving you a 99.99% uptime. No calls will be missed.
Telkom = R0.31/min | Neotel = R0.50/min | MTN & Vodacom = R0.71/min | CellC & Telkom Mobile = R0.82/min
Costs For VOIP Number - Once off setup fee: R60 and a Monthly fee: R35
Prices include VAT
021 - 565 xxxx
031 - 555 xxxx
010 - 555 xxxx
028 - 555 0000 To 555 0999
049 - 555 0000 To 555 0999
051 - 555 0000 To 555 0999
053 - 555 0000 To 555 0999
054 - 555 0000 To 555 0999
056 - 555 0000 To 555 0999
057 - 555 0000 To 555 0999
058 - 555 0000 To 555 0999
You can keep your existing number and port it over to VOIP (Cost R150 once off) and a Monthly fee: R35 or you can apply for a geographic VOIP number as in 021 565xxxx. (Local + International calls can be made)
Estimated prices:
Yealink Dect Solution Base + Handset W52P: R1466 Vat Incl.
Yealink W52H Additional handset Including Cradle: R1064 Vat Incl.
Prices exclude delivery fee.

What will I need in order to use VoIP?

You'll need an internet connection

Voice over IP works over the internet. You can use just about any kind of internet connection for this, though we do recommend at least 4Mbps speeds and upwards on stable such as ADSL, Fibre or LTE-A.

You can choose to use a VoIP Soft Phone

You can make use of your Cell Phone or Computer using theZoIPer software, which is an app that you install on your mobile device. The mobile device will need to be connected to the internet through either 3G/4G or using a wireless connection to an ADSL, Fibre or LTE-A router.

You can choose to use a VoIP Desk Phone or Cordless Phone

Using a VoIP Desk Phone is the preferred option and these are available from most computer retailers. With these phones you simply plug them directly into your Internet Router (some can even connect over WiFi) and they operate just as any other phone.

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