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The following steps will assist you in setting your e-mail account up on your Hisense HS-U980 handset

1) Click on Apps and select Email.

2) On the Account Setup page, enter your e-mail address and select Manual setup.

3) When prompted for the account type, choose POP3.

4) Enter the following information:
  • Username: This must be your full e-mail address.
  • Password: Enter the password for this e-mail address.
  • POP3 Server: mail.yourdomain (e.g.: mail.example.com)
  • Port: 110
  • Security type: None
  • Delete email from server: Never
Click on Next to continue.

5) Enter the following information:
  • SMTP server: mail.yourdomain (e.g.: mail.example.com)
  • Port: 587
  • Security type: None
  • Check the require sign-in box and enter your e-mail address and password if prompted to do so.
Click on Next to continue.

6) You will be prompted for the following preferences:
  • Inbox checking frequency.
  • Send email from this account be default.
  • Notify me when email arrives.
  • Sync email from this account.
Once you have made any changes, click on Next.

7) The final step will ask you for the following information:
  • Give this account a name (optional): This is a description of the account which you will see on your phone.
  • Your name (displayed on outgoing messages): This is the name that recipients will see next to your e-mail address.
Click on Next to save the changes.
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