Adding Your Website to a Search Engine

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The most common way in which websites are found is through search engines such as Google and Bing. Search engines are popular because they allow you to search for any item or topic and will provide you with a list of potential matches without you needing to know the exact website address.

While today's search engines are powerful, they do not automatically detect new websites. In order for your website to appear in search results, you need to index your site with your preferred search engine. This is typically done by creating an account using the webmaster platform provided by the search engine. Once you have created an account, you will normally be asked to verify that you own the website and, once confirmed, there are several other steps which must be followed before your website is indexed.

There are several major search engines in use. While Google is the most popular, it may be worthwhile to index your site with Bing.

Information on indexing your website with the various search engines is available below:

Note: Our support team can assist you with the verification process, if you are unsure how to upload your verification file or create a verification entry in your DNS records. Should you have any other questions regarding the indexing process then it is recommended that you consult the documentation or the support forum administered by your preferred search engine.
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