Viewing Your Invoices Online

view invoices online

In addition to sending invoices to you via e-mail, all invoices can be viewed online.

To check your invoices, log in to the Client Area and click on the Invoices button.

The My Invoices page will display the following:

  • Invoices Due: this indicates the number of unpaid invoices.
  • Invoice #: this can be used to query a specific payment.
  • Invoice Date: the day on which the invoice was issued.
  • Due Date: this is the day by which the invoice should be paid.
  • Total: the full amount owed for each invoice.
  • Status: this indicates whether the invoice has been Paid; is Unpaid or has been Cancelled.
  • Mass Payment: clicking on this button will generate a total allowing you to a single payment for all outstanding invoices.

You can view an invoice by clicking on the invoice number.

Should you have any queries concerning your invoices, you are welcome to contact our accounts department.
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