Sending E-Mail - Relay Access Denied

realy access denied

This is a very common error message and is seen in most e-mail programs. There are variations of this message, such as Relaying prohibited or Unable to relay, but they all mean the same thing: the server you are trying to connect to will not allow your mail to be delivered.

There are two reasons why this would occur:

1. Incorrect login details:

  • If you are sending through mail.yourdomain (i.e. the same server from which you download your mail), then the server will expect a user name and password.
  • You will need to enable authentication for outgoing mail in your e-mail software before any mail can be sent.
  • A number of guides on checking your outgoing mail settings are available here.

2. Using the incorrect SMTP server:

  • If you have an Internet connection with Company A, then you will generally be allow to send mail through their SMTP server.
  • However, if you change to a different Internet connection with Company B, then the SMTP belonging to Company A will not allow you to send mail. This is done purely to avoid abuse by spammers.
  • You will either need to use the SMTP server belonging to Company B or switch to mail.yourdomain.

It is recommended that you send through mail.yourdomain, as this server will allow you to send mail no matter which Internet connection you use.

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