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Viewing websites or browsing is arguably the most common activity on the Internet. Whether you are reading the news; researching a particular topic or watching a streaming video, you are making use of an internet browser. Some browsers are built-in to the operating system which you use, while others have been developed by third-party organisations and can be downloaded at no charge.

We have included a list of the most commonly-used browsers below:


Chrome is a free browser released by search engine giant Google which has enjoyed rapid growth in the browser market. It is geared towards users looking for clean and secure interface. Chrome allows you to synchronise your browsing experience across multiple devices; supports a number of plug-ins and is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Chrome is available here.


The award-winning Firefox was created by Mozilla: a non-profit community of developers dedicated to delivering quality software for free. Firefox has been designed to work on Microsoft Windows; Apple’s Mac OS as well as Linux. It features the option to choose from thousands of plug-ins which add a multitude of features from altering the appearance of Firefox (skins) to added security.

An updated version of Firefox is available here.


Internet Explorer is the default web browser included with Microsoft Windows and, as such, is typically the first browser that anyone new to the computer world will use. It is simple to use and is updated on regular basis via the Windows Update facility.

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer with the newer Edge browser.


Opera is an open source browser designed to provide a rich browsing experience. From its visual customisations to greater control over tabs and downloads, Opera will cater for anyone’s needs.

Opera can be downloaded here.

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