Compressing Files and Folders Using File Manager

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The File Manager in cPanel includes a tool which allows you to compress selected files or folders into a single file (also referrecd to as an archive) for you to download. Doing so can reduce the amount of time that it will take to download your files.

The following steps will assist you in compressing files and / or folders before you download them:

1. Log in to cPanel.

2. Locate the Files section and select File Manager.

3. Open the folder which contains the sub folders and / or files that you wish to compress.

4. Highlight the appropriate files / folders and click on the Compress icon in the toolbar.

5. You will be prompted for the following information:
  • Compression Type: This is the file format that will be used to create the archive. If you do not make use of any third-party compression software, such as WinRAR, then it is best to select Zip Archive.
  • Save archived file as: Here you can specify the folder in which the compressed file should be created (i.e. where you will download it from) as well as the name of the archive (e.g.:

6. Once you have made your selection, click on Compress File(s). File Manager will compress the files and display a summary of the files which were added to the archive.

7. Click on Close.

You can now browse to and download the archive.
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