My ADSL Connection is Slow

adsl slow

There are a number of things which can lower your connection speed. This article will outline the common causes and what can be done to correct this.

1. Switch your ADSL router off and then back on. As simple as this sounds, there may be numerous occasions where this is all that you need to do.

2. Have you got any downloads running?

  • Your Internet connection can only relay a certain amount of data at any given point. As with rush hour traffic, too much activity will result in reduced download and upload speeds.
  • Ensure that you do not have any other downloads running while you are attempting to work (e.g.: videos or large documents).
  • If you are downloading a high number of e-mail messages or the messages are particularly large, then your connection speed will also be affected.
  • Operating system as well as anti-virus updates can also affect your connection speed, depending on how large these updates are. If any updates are taking place, then it is best to allow these to finish before you continue working online.
  • If your connection is used by more than one computer or device, then you may need to check each of these devices, as per the previous points.

3. Do you access your ADSL connection using a wireless connection?

  • Wireless connections can be interrupted by either distance or the layout of your premises.
  • Checking the signal strength of the computer or device which you are using will indicate whether this is a factor.
  • If your signal strength is low then it will affect your connection to the Internet. You will either need to establish better line-of-site between your computer / device and your ADSL router or consider installing a second wireless access point closer to where you work.

4. Is your wireless connection secure?

  • Wireless networks can be exploited to gain access to either the computers which use them or to abuse the Internet connection itself.
  • You can check whether anyone may be using your wireless connection by disabling it while you remain connected via cable.
  • If your connection speed improves immediately then you should change the password for your wireless network.
  • Should you not make use of your wireless network, then it is simpler to disable it permanently.

If you find that your connection is still slow after trying the above steps, then it means that either this is an issue with your ADSL account or with the ADSL line. Our support team will be able to check on the status of the account; however, any possible issue with your ADSL line will need to be investigated by Telkom.

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