I am Unable to Connect to the Internet


There are a number of issues which can result in a loss of connectivity. This article will outline the common causes and what can be done to correct this.

1. Switch your ADSL router off and then back on. As simple as this sounds, there may be numerous occasions where this is all that you need to do.

2. Are all of the required cables plugged in?

  • Your ADSL router connects you to the Internet via your telephone line. Unless damaged, the telephone cable should "click" into place when inserted into the router.
  • If one or more of the computers using your connection are linked to the router via network cable then these cables should also be checked at both ends. Network cables have slightly larger connectors which, as with a telephone cable, should also "click" into place.
  • Try a spare network cable if you have one, as a faulty cable will affect your connection.

3. Is your wireless connection working?

  • If you connect to your router using a wireless link, ensure that your wireless network is up and that you are connected.
  • Check your signal strength. If the signal is weak, then it can prevent you from being able to work online.
4. Are all of your computers or devices unable to connect?

  • Sometimes you may find that only one device is problematic. Should this be the case, then you will need to check the network connection on the affected device as outlined in Steps 2 and 3 (where applicable).
  • If you are still unable to connect, then you should contact the person who administers / maintains your IT infrastructure for assistance.

5. Do you use a capped ADSL account?

  • Sometimes you may find that your loss of connectivity is caused by your account reaching its data cap.
  • You can confirm this by contacting our support team.

6. Is your router configured correctly?

  • Your router is used to store the ADSL user name and password supplied by SA Domain. These login details are required in order to establish a connection.
  • If your router does not have this information, then it will not be able to connect.
  • To access your router, you will need to open the address of your default gateway in your browser (see Finding Your Default Gateway for more information).
  • Once you have entered the IP address into your browser, you will be prompted for the login details for your router. Many routers simply use the word admin for both the user name and password. However, should this not be the case then you will need to consult the documentation which accompanied your router.
  • After entering the login details, you will be taken to the router menu. Each make and model of router has its own menu layout. The location of the page where you configure your user name and password should be contained within your router documentation.
  • When you have checked / updated the login details, your router will attempt to re-connect.
  • If you are unsure what your ADSL login details are, please request this information from our support team.

It is strongly recommended that you check your router documentation for the correct steps to configuring your ADSL account. Router manufacturers usually have a copy of this documentation on their websites. Searching for the make and model of your router (e.g.: Telkom ADSL 5012G) should provide you with links to the manual for your router.

7. Do you have a spare router?

  • Setting your ADSL account up on another router is a good way to check your connection.
  • Doing so will confirm whether the router that you normally use is faulty or not.

If you find that your connection is still down after trying the above steps, then it means that either this is an issue with your ADSL account or with the ADSL line. Our support team will be able to check on the status of the account; however, any possible issue with your ADSL line will need to be investigated by Telkom.
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