Domain Suspension and or Verification

domain suspension

Top-Level Domains (TLD's), such as .com and .net domains, are all subject to regulations administered by the Internet Company for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). One of their policies is to verify the e-mail addressed used by anyone who registers a TLD. This policy exists in a effort to combat domain fraud.

Verification requests are sent when the following:

  • A domain has just been registered.
  • A domain has recently been renewed.
  • A domain has recently been transferred from one hosting provider to another.
  • The registrant (owner's) contact details have been changed.

Whenever any of the above events occur, an e-mail will be sent to the current registrant e-mail address prompting the registrant to verify that the e-mail address is legitimate. ICANN provides a 15-day window in which to respond. Should no response be received, then ICANN will suspend the domain.

An example of the suspension notice is displayed below:

domain suspension

If you see this notice when you visit your website, you can have the verification e-mail re-sent to you by entering the security code and clicking on the Resend Verification Email button. If you are unsure what the registrant e-mail address for your domain is, please contact our support team.

Once your e-mail address has been verified, you will need to allow at least 24 hours before your domain is active again.

Note: The ICANN verification process does not apply to .za; .durban; .joburg and .capetown domains.

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