Updating Your WHOIS Details

updating whois

When you register a domain, your contact information is stored by the domain registry. As time passes, your telephone number or contact e-mail address may change. When this happens, it is recommended that you update the contact information stored by the registry.

You can update this information using the following steps:

1. Log in to the Client Area.

2. Click on the Domains dropdown menu and select My Domains.

3. Click on the green Status button next to your domain.

4. On the Managing "example.com" page, in the Manage menu on the left, click on Contact Information.

5. On the Contact Information page you will have the options: Use existing account contact and Specify custom information below.

6. If you have updated the contact details for the Client Area and wish to use the same information for your domain, then select Use existing account contact.

7. Should you prefer to enter specific contact details for the domain instead, then choose Specify custom information below.

8. Once you have made your selection, click on Save Changes.

Contact information updates for .za domains take around five days to be processed by the ZA Central Registry. Top-level domains, such as .com and .net are usually updated within 30 minutes.

Note: The information provided here is used by the registry to which your domain belongs and can be viewed by performing a WHOIS look-up on your domain. Any information supplied must be legitimate.

Concerning Privacy:

Top-level domains generally have a WHOIS privacy option which means that your contact details will not be visible in a WHOIS look-up. Should you wish to have WHOIS privacy enabled for your domain, please send an e-mail to support@sadomain.co.za or log in to the Client Area and submit a ticket.

The ZA Central Registry does not have a privacy option. As such, it is not possible mask your contact information in a WHOIS look-up performed on a .za domain.

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