Your IP Address has changed - Please log in again

This error message may occur when you attempt to log in to either cPanel or webmail.

Whenever you connect to the Internet, whether via ADSL or 3G, your internet connection provider assigns you with a public IP address. Should your connection be interrupted at any point, then it usually results in a new IP address being assigned to you.

However, this typically only happens once every 24 hours or whenever you disconnect from the Internet (e.g.: switching your ADSL router or 3G device off).

Both the cPanel and webmail facilities make use of a system known as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) in order to establish an encrypted connection between your computer and the server. Any interruptions to the connection, including a change of IP address, will result in your session to the server ending; this is a preventative measure to ensure that no information sent back and forth between your computer and the server is intercepted by a third party.

If your IP address is changing too rapidly for you to maintain a connection, then you will need to contact your internet connection provider and ask them to correct this for you.

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