Why Do I Need a Hosting Package

Why Do I Need a Hosting Package?

In order to add e-mail accounts or a website to your domain name, you will need to apply for a hosting package. Hosting packages provide you with the platform needed to create / upload a website as well as manage e-mail accounts.

We offer two types of hosting packages:

  • Website and e-mail hosting.
  • Mail-only hosting.

Selecting the hosting package that you will meet your requirements will depend on the following:

Hosting packages can be paid for monthly or annually via your preferred method of payment. You also have the option to change your billing cycle or payment method at any time. A list of our hosting packages can be viewed here.

When you register a new domain, you will be given the option to add a hosting package to the registration. If you have already registered a domain, but did not apply for hosting then you can add a hosting package to your domain using the steps here.


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