Getting Started - The Basics


The following is a brief guide on what you need to know to get yourself or your organisation online:

A domain is your presence on the Internet. Domains are created by registering a specific name which matches the name of your organisation or relates to what it is that you do (e.g.: or For more details, view the article titled "What is a Domain?".

Hosting is the service which allows you to upload a website and / or create e-mail accounts which will be linked to your domain. Additional information on hosting packages can be found here.

E-Mail: E-mail, or electronic mail, is the digital "cousin" of the traditional postal service whereby messages are sent using a computer or mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet.

Website: A website is, essentially, an electronic billboard designed to promote an organisation or an idea. Today's websites are considerably more sophisticated than this, containing product catalogues; bulletin boards; streaming video and a range of other features.

There are many other terms and phrases which will crop up from time-to-time. A more comprehensive list is available here.

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