Changing Your Client Area Password

change client area password

The following steps will assist you in changing your password for the Client Area:

1. Log into the Client Area.

2. Click on the link located in the top right-hand side labelled Hello,(Your Name)!.

3. Select Change Password from the menu. You will be taken to the Change Password page.

4. Enter your existing password, followed by the new password.

5. Click on the Save Changes button.

The Password Strength indicator is a good way to determine with your new password would be easy to guess. For help on choosing a good password, please read through Guidelines for Passwords.

Note: If your Client Area user name is the same as an e-mail address that we host for you, this facility will not alter the password for the e-mail address in question. If you would like to change the password for the actual e-mail address, then you can do so using using the following guide.
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